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  Sanshin Electronics is a Global Trading Company that is seeking new innovating products, new technology, and venture capitalist in the worldwide market place. One of our objectives is to find new foreign and domestic manufactures looking for a worldwide sale channel. We can provide new business opportunities for your company through our global sales network. If you are interested in marketing your product or looking for new technology, please feel free to contact us.
  Sanshin Electronics Corporation is
a wholly owned subsidiary of
Sanshin Electronics Co., Ltd in Japan.
TAKUMI Corporation( A Joint Venture of Sanshin Electronics and Kubota Comps Corp)
develops and licenses 2D/3D Graphics IP cores for Mobile Products.
Major LSI makers integrated our products to their SOC world wide base.
The GSHARK-TAKUMI Family currently consists of three products optimized gate-count and performance for each market.
Please go to detail and refer to PDF.
AF9723 Gang Programmer consists of Base Unit, a line of Gang Units with a capacity of up to 16 scokets, and unmerous optional accessories.
MR.Sensor is a Sensor device utilizing magneto-resistance effect.